End of April 2024 Diginomica Writing Update

Hi guys, in the first of a new regular series I want to share what I have written for diginomica, which is my primary outlet for my journalism right now.

The site tasks me to go to market to get user interviews on how some kind of tech has given some kind of a brand genuine business advantage. It really is that wide–and that exciting, as it gives me so much freedom as to what I can cover!

It also means I get to speak to lots of really interesting CIOs, CDOs, but also line-of-business managers.

In April, that meant I got to understand some of the problems and strategies used to move past them to much better places by (in reverse order):

As you can see (and, I hope, by reading) this meant covering technology and practices as diverse as analytics, Agile and DevOps, graph (Neo4j), VR and GenAI, and IBM AI-as-service delivered by an MSP.

Get over to diginomica to get the full picture. Meanwhile, I’ll crack on with getting some more in the pipeline 😉



PS And if you’re a hi-tech PR reading this… connect with me to offer me some great user interviews to join the list.