End of June diginomica business-IT user success stories update

Hey folks, because of various factors in June I did a catch-up and so was able to place four of the above on the site, not just three as usual.

These were, in reverse order of appearance:

University of Birmingham turns to IoT to improve student experience and support Net Zero goals which was a departure for me because I heard all about IoT and its application in both Building Management and the more specialised Building Energy Management Systems (BMS and BEMS) from Schneider Electric. Essentially, the UK’s first Red Brick Uni (and Russell Group research HE leader) University of Birmingham has worked with this tech to get a better view into what exactly a new building it’s put up in terms of electricity and heating use. As we hear, that means if a lecture theatre wasn’t used, no need to send in a cleaning team, or make certain parts of the space light/dark, hot/cold. Great interview, and interesting use case.

Hallmark Media stabilizes and secures its cloud environments with the help of Xalient gave me a chance to talk to Hallmark, which turns out to be a big but still private B2C brand–and which does not just the cards (‘We own the holidays’) and the movies and TV channels we all know, but also owns Crayola (which always makes me think of this lovely song). It’s a story about using a third party IT services firm called Xalient to help it not just, but twice, in terms of getting its cloud security framework from Zscaler right

Staying on track – Eurostar Group’s digital transformation success during Eurostar-Thalys merger was a fascinating insight into both project management, making a big merger work, and high-speed rail network management. Featuring a lot of help from digital experience management specialist Contentsquare, this was a transformation that needed to meet a deadline and satisfy a lot of KPIs–some of which stretched Agile to its limit, it seems. The very nice spokesperson from the newly-merged entity of Eurostar Group came to the call very, very well prepared, too

Last but absolutely not least: How new RPA technology is supporting Monmouthshire Building Society customers and staff This was a great change of seeing how a company with values and purpose is positioning itself to do RPA via the newly-branded SS&C Blue Prism; the trick it is using is to humanise the robots so they become true ‘robo-colleagues,’ with an identity and names–a name that actually harks back to the roots of the Building Society itself in rural wales at the end of the 19th century. So, a lot to chew on here.

Some more user success stories on their way to you from @diginomica in July… then something a wee bit different in August. Watch this space! 😉